Christmassy Christmas

                    What do you think of at Christmas and what are your favourite elements of Christmas. Here at Mudd & Water we love that warm fuzzy feeling you get or in a word ‘Christmassy’ A feeling brought on by being with loved ones, family and friends a togetherness, the beauty of spending quality time and appreciating the most important things in life. We can’t stop altogether the way Christmas has become commercial, however religious or otherwise we can all stop and think about what is really important in life. We can stop and have a moment looking at all the wonderful array of Christmas lights, a beautifully decorated tree, sparkling decorations...

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50/50 - Win a £50 Voucher - 50% of profits from sale items will be donated to Shelter

                  Life can be 50/50 at times, though normally we all prefer the odds much more in our favour. Have you ever had to make a 50/50 decision in life? If so email in to and tell us a 50/50 decision that went in your favour or against you and how did that level of risk feel, would you do it again? Was it scary or exhilarating? The best story we hear will receive a £50 voucher on us. Now there’s a 50/50 worth taking a chance on…….We have to take a chance ourselves here at Mudd & Water and decided to bring a 50/50 to you from Friday.We have increased...

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