Sales Ethos

We decided in 2021 to no longer participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This wasn’t an easy decision being a small business, cash flow cannot always flow as well as a business would like.       

Black Friday and Cyber Monday would always give a good boost to the bank account. However, the pandemic re shaped our thinking, yes, it’s always very difficult to stand firm, turn down money and make a stand especially when all around you are offering huge discounts to fight to grab the pound from your pocket, even more so in the midst of a recession.

During the Pandemic we reflected and looked inward on what our principals are as a company. Sustainable products, ethical production, the wellbeing of our factory staff and of course the benefits to you, our customers.  Yes, cheaper deals are great for you our customers and also boost volume to our factories and of course there has to be some form of balance between making sales and doing the right thing. We decided that the ‘right’ thing in these modern times is to put the environment, climate change and the world’s people before the clamour for additional sales. Yes, at times we feel it is hard to stick to this principal however we feel it is a price worth paying going forward. Yes we carried out Black Friday events in years gone by and yes, we had many sales like all brands do however now we limit these to just two sales a year. Just like it was in the old days, in the days before mass consumerism. Businesses survived then and they will now.


We hope that you our customers will support our decisions, as by doing so you are ensuring less clothing ends up in landfill and every purchase matters. Equally by purchasing a Mudd & Water piece of clothing you are buying, sustainably, ethically and in turn helping the environment and climate change perhaps in just a very small way however you are helping and its small acts by large amounts of people that help to bring change.

This year again we are supporting the charity SHELTER and 10% of all profits from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday will go directly to SHELTER and help someone sadly living on the streets this winter.

Thank you for listening

Michael -Founder

Mudd & Water